Installing for Mac OSX Sierra

With the release of Mac OSX Sierra Apple introduced additional security measures. Therefore, please follow the instructions below to properly install your software.

First, download the software to your Downloads folder. Next, drag the .zip file TO THE APPICATIONS FOLDER. Open the .zip file by double clicking IN THE APPLICATIONS FOLDER. Run the installer from THE APPLICATIONS FOLDER. This should insure that your program works correctly. You can then click on the shortcut/alias icon on the desktop to run the program. You will have to register the first time you run the program with your registration code (serial number). NOTE: If you get the error message "Cannot find XML file" the program was not installed correctly. Please go back and make sure you followed the steps above.


License Issues:

This applies to ALL of the latest versions of ALL our programs.


ALWAYS, unregister your license BEFORE uninstalling the program. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your license.

DO NOT register your program while there is an external hard drive or flash drive connected to your computer. Registering (not installing) your program with an external drive attached could cause you to lose your license.

Running a malware detection program, anti virus program, cleaning program or defragmenting your hard drive could possibly cause your license to be lost. If you plan to do any of the previously mentioned actions, either make sure you unregister (not uninstall) your program first, or set your scanning software to omit scanning our files. (Contact us for techical specifications on where these files are located) Then continue with your operation. After your operation is complete, simply launch and re-register your Glass Horse Software.

Please Note: For computers with multiple accounts, the program will only run in the account in which it was registered! We do nave a version that allows multiple accounts. Contact us for more information.