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The Glass Horse Equine Colic

This program features a comprehensive exploration of the equine abdominal anatomy, the veterinarian's approach to diagnosis, and detailed 3-D animations depicting 28 diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Interactivity and self-assessment are strong components of this program. This program is recommended for both veterinary students and equine practitioners alike. This program includes all the material in the "Anatomy of the Equine Abdomen" program.

Windows and Mac OS X... Price: $29.99 USD

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Elements of the Equine Distal Limb

An engaging interactive exploration of the equine distal limb that combines interactive models with narrations and highly informative animations. The interface allows manipulation of anatomical models in three dimensions. This program is recommended for veterinary students, equine practitioners and farriers.

Windows and Mac OS X... Price: $19.99 USD

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Anatomy of the Equine Abdomen

The new "Anatomy of the Equine Abdomen" program contains highly realistic 3D animations, interactive models and large detail images that are perfect for first year veterinary students studying equine abdominal anatomy.  All of the material in this program are included in the "Equine Colic" program.

Windows and Mac OS X... Price: $19.99 USD

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Horse Owner's Guide to Colic

Produced with the general horse owner community in mind, this program educates horse owners and enthusiasts about equine abdominal anatomy and colic. The program contains interactive images and 3D animations depicting both the normal abdominal anatomy as well as 9 common disease causing colic. Also includes a section on frequently asked questions, clinical signs and much more.

Windows and Mac OS X... Price: $9.99 USD

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The Glass Dog: Thorax and Abdomen

This exciting program presents the dog’s thorax and abdomen like they’ve never been seen before. The program includes 10 cutting edge animated movies, nearly 50 interactive models and more than 250 detailed images, each with its own recorded narrative. Illustrations from this program won an Award of Excellence from the Association of Medical Illustrators at their 2011 Annual Conference.

Windows and Mac OS X... Price: $19.99 USD

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Canine Flashcard App

This app is designed for people interested in learning about the anatomy of the dog's thorax and abdomen. It includes stunning 3-D anatomical illustrations and descriptions in a flashcard format that is perfect for learning and self-testing. This app is the perfect companion to the Glass Dog: Thorax & Abdomen program that includes interactive 3-D anatomical models and narrated movies.

Available Now at the App Store $4.99 USD